Energy healing

〜Healing practice for individuals 

Using a traditional healing method, Ichigojyutsu, to help clean past traumas, so people can experience their life force more fully. 


*More information about Ichigojyutsu(only in Japanese)


[Healing Sessions]

  • A session consists of 10 minutes of transmission and about 30 minutes or 50 minutes of counseling and feedback. 
  • One package includes 20 sessions.
  • First session has to be done in person.
  • After the first session, transmission can be done remotelly. And sessions can be done using E-counseling, Telephonic Session, as well as In-Person.


[Healing Session/Time and Cost]



Healing (about 10 mins)

+Counseling (about 30 mins)

Healing (about 10 mins)

+Counseling (about 50 mins)


Session Time





200,000 JPY

(The installment payment plan:240,000 JPY

300,000 JPY

(The installment payment plan:350,000 JPY






[Introductory Healing Sessions]

  • You can have 3 introductory sessions, if you like.
  • One introductory session costs 5.000yen.
  • One package does not include 3 introductory sessions.



Private Session with Individuals, Couples and Group 

 Discovering Deeper Meaning and Making Use of What is Happening in Your Life 

E-Counseling, Telephonic Session, as well as In-Person is available.



Coma Work

 Trying to Bridge Different Realms of Experiences 

Working with people who are near death, dying or in states of consciousness where they are not lucid, and also working with their family members and/or loved ones.




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